Dear Pastors and Ministers,

We are all praying for God’s protection and supply over the next several days.  Hurricane Dorian is bearing down upon our peninsula, threatening everything we have planned for the weekend.  Our prayers are with you, your people and properties.

I am seeing different suggestions and ideas to use in best serving and preserving our ministries this weekend. I simply pass them along for your consideration.

  1. If you have multiple Sunday services, reduce them to one service earlier in the day.  Have a shortened service at 9:00 or 10:00 am so your congregation can attend then get home safely.
  2. Consider having your service on Saturday evening and/or canceling Sunday services altogether.
  3. Of course, live-stream or broadcast your services so people may be able to “attend” without leaving their homes.  Provide a “text-to-give” option for the offering.

I know of a congregation near an Interstate that is equipping volunteers to be at rest stops along the highway on Saturday to minister to evacuees and travelers.

I have heard several Pastors say they are opening smaller rooms in their Christian Education areas as shelters for people who live in mobile homes or modular structures.

have heard that some are opening safe places on their church campuses to the aged or elderly of the congregation who do not have family nearby on the peninsula.

God always keeps His hand over us during hurricanes. He will continue to protect us this weekend.  May He be with you all; keep your families and people safe; protect your buildings and properties; and makes us all blessings to those in need because of Dorian, for the glory of God and in the name of Jesus.

Praying for you all,

Terry and Athena Raburn
Steve and Kathy Powell
All the PFDC team