Dear Pastor,

I am excited to introduce EGYPT: A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY, our Pen Florida 2020 District Missions Project for Egypt! There are about 92 million Muslims and 10 million Christians with both sharing a common history; ethnicity, culture and language. 9 out of 10 Egyptians are living in darkness. The Egyptian Assemblies of God are experiencing a modern Pentecostal renewal with a vision to establish new churches in Egypt. For the past 50 years this has been extremely difficult. Government restrictions created under Anwar Sadat made renovations, expansions, or new churches virtually impossible. Recently, Egyptian president Sisi has eased these restrictions making it possible for the Egyptian Assemblies of God to repair, expand, purchase land and build new churches.

Our PROJECT is to partner with the Egyptian Assemblies of God to help them establish new churches in some of the world’s most ancient and historic cities: CairoGiza, and Luxor. This also enables us to renovate and expand existing churches. TOGETHER, as a district, we can make this a reality!

EGYPT: A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY Provides,                                          

  • Church renovation
  • Church expansion
  • Church building
  • Pastor training


These costs will include:
Renovation of Existing churches $1000 each ($100,000)
10 Church Expansions  $5000 each ($50,000)
10 New Churches – purchase of land $10,000 each ($100,000)
10 New Church – buildings $20,000 each ($200,000)
Arabic Pastors Training – OLBi $45,000
Total Cost $495,000

Thank you for partnering with us to answer the tremendous call in Egypt!

Together, we can make a difference,

Thomas Manning
PFDC World Missions Director