District Council Postponed Until September

Greetings, Friends and Fellow Ministers:

In our Executive Committee meeting Wednesday (by Zoom), we made the difficult decision to recommend to the Presbytery to postpone District Council until September. The Presbytery voted electronically to make that decision.

District Council will not take place in May. It has been rescheduled for September 16 and 17, at Victory Church in Lakeland. These dates are Wednesday and Thursday immediately prior to the Experience Conference. Our Keynote Rally for the Council will be Wednesday evening, September 16. We will have our Memorial and Communion Service, do business, and present the Ordination Service on Thursday, September 17. The Experience Conference will proceed as scheduled.

Hopefully, connecting our rescheduled and condensed District Council to the Experience Conference will save our Ministers an additional trip to a separate location. This single trip will allow our people to attend the District Council and Experience Conference with a minimum of inconvenience. I am confident we can accomplish all we need to do within this reduced time period.

Thank you for understanding this decision. Our prayers are with you all for protection, healing, health, and provision, in Jesus’ name.


Terry Raburn
PFDC Superintendent

Information on refunds can be obtained by contacting the office of District Secretary, Steve Powell. Click the button below to send an email.

District council Refund