Convoy of Hope Responds to Hurricane Harvey

//Convoy of Hope Responds to Hurricane Harvey

Convoy of Hope Responds to Hurricane Harvey

Dear Pen Florida Fellow Ministers and Churches,


Many of us have seen the disaster that has unfolded in the State of Texas. It has been heartrending to watch families escaping the flood waters, losing their homes and belongings and in some cases loved ones. We know we cannot meet every need but there is something we can do.


Our PF Christian Education Department alongside with the National BGMC is partnering with Convoy of Hope ( If you choose to give, please use the target form attached, as we continue to pray for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.


Thank you so much for your prayers and giving.



Steve L. Powell

District Secretary/CE Director

Support Relief Efforts through BGMC

If you have volunteers, please send an email with your contact info to: or call 417-823-8998.

Here are some links and updates on what we are doing in Texas.  The church is stepping up and it is a great blessing to see it.  For more updates information visit us at   Also, here’s a great place to keep an eye on the latest information available : Hope Supply Hurricane Harvey Response

Here’s a quick update video from the field:

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