We are excited to report that $8,315,606.23 was given to BGMC during 2017!

2017 giving increased 6% over giving for 2016!

Giving was up $471,719.38 over giving for 2016!

Since 1949, $149,732,171.75 has now been given to missions through BGMC! THAT’S AMAZING!

Thank you for all that you do to support missions, to teach your kids about missions, and to sacrifice for the cause of missions. Millions of lives have been touched and won to the Kingdom of God because of you, your church, and your kids! THANK YOU!


We are so excited to announce that for the second time in BGMC history, a district has given over one million dollars. That district is the Peninsular Florida District. They are the top giving district in the nation. They gave $1,083,601.65 to BGMC! Congratulations goes to the district CE director, Steve Powell, the district children’s ministries director, Sydney Morrow, and the district BGMC director, Chuck Padgett.

Highlights from 2017:

  • The top giving church in the nation was First Assembly of God in Fort Myers, FL. They gave $139,508.36 to BGMC. First Assembly has been number one in the nation 9 out of the last 10 years. Congratulations to lead pastor, Rev. Dan Betzer, and children’s pastors, Rev. Sammy and Jan Whaley!
  • The district with the highest per capita giving is the West Florida District at $19.63 per person.
  • The district with the highest percentage of churches involved in BGMC is the Wyoming District with 76.92%.
  • 51 districts are showing long-term growth for BGMC.
  • 5 districts are showing long-term decline for BGMC.

Attached are four reports showing the top 10 churches in the nation, the top 5 churches in each division, one showing the districts rankings and one showing the grand totals. Please remember that division 6 is our language churches, and the language division has its own breakdown of divisions. When you look at the reports, you’ll be amazed at the amount of money given by our smaller churches. So many people think that it’s only the big churches that give to missions, but you’ll notice that lots of small churches give huge amounts to BGMC. The size of the church doesn’t matter. It’s the size of your passion for missions and for creating that heart of compassion in the kids you minister to.

The top two churches in each division and the top 10 churches in the nation will be invited to be our special guests at the BGMC banquet on Wednesday, April 12, The banquet is being held again during the AG KidMin Conference which is being held at Central Assembly of God in Springfield, Missouri. We’ll be contacting you with details. Please put this date on your calendars. There will be special meals and activities scheduled for you also on Thursday and Friday night.

All of the 2017 giving reports will not be posted on the BGMC website for a couple of weeks. Changes are still coming in, and we want to make sure we have most of the changes before we post all of the reports. One of the reports we are currently working on is the top 100 churches in each division. This is an amazing report to see what the different size churches have done for BGMC.

A preliminary church report has been sent to your district office. If you want to check your BGMC total, please contact your district office. Please let us know if you find any mistakes.