Greetings, Ministers, churches, and people of Peninsular Florida,

Our prayers are with you. 2020 continues to be a difficult year but our God is with us, supplying our needs, empowering us for ministry, and protecting us from the attacks of the enemy.

After much prayer, the decision has been made to change our District Council from an on-campus, in-person meeting, to a virtual meeting. In May I felt certain we would have a safe and healthy environment for our Council in September. However, with the recent increase in new coronavirus cases and deaths, I am not comfortable with getting hundreds of our Ministers and their families together in a closed space for any length of time. The Lord tells us to have faith. He also tells us to be wise and prudent. With the Executive Committee, I am doing my best to make a wise decision for our people.

Details are not complete. However, we will present an on-line business session on Thursday afternoon, September 17, starting at 2:00pm. The Finance Report will be presented. The ratification of Wayne Blackburn, the nominee from the Presbytery as District Treasurer, will be before the Council. Our Presbyters were elected in their respective Sectional Councils last March. The Council will be asked to ratify those elections. The Council will consider our Presbyters-at-Large. There are no other elections or necessary business proposed for the agenda.

The Financial Report and Annual Report will be posted at least two weeks prior to September 17. Requests for printed reports will be honored. Registration for the Council will be handled by email.

We are working on securing our choice of virtual platforms. That information will be announced as soon as possible.

Thank you all. Please continue to pray for the District leadership team as we pray for you. God can meet and bless us, even more in this unique and historic year.

On behalf of the Executive Committee,

Terry Raburn
PFDC Superintendent